Apache Flink® is an open source platform for scalable stream and batch data processing. It offers expressive APIs to define batch and streaming data flow programs and a robust and scalable engine to execute these jobs.

Goals and Scope of this Training

This training presents an opinionated introduction to Apache Flink, including just enough to get you started writing scalable streaming ETL, analytics, and event-driven applications, while leaving out a lot of (ultimately important) details. The focus is on providing straightforward introductions to Flink’s APIs for managing state and time, with the expectation that having mastered these fundamentals, you’ll be much better equipped to pick up the rest of what you need to know from the documentation.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • how to set up an environment to develop Flink programs
  • how to implement streaming data processing pipelines
  • how and why Flink manages state
  • how to use event time to consistently compute accurate analytics
  • how to build event-driven applications on continuous streams
  • how Flink is able to provide fault-tolerant, stateful stream processing with exactly-once semantics

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