Flink’s DataStream APIs for Java and Scala will let you stream anything they can serialize. Flink’s own serializer is used for

  • basic types, i.e., String, Long, Integer, Boolean, Array
  • composite types: Tuples, POJOs, and Scala case classes

and Flink falls back to Kryo for other types.



For Java, Flink defines its own Tuple1 thru Tuple25 types.

Tuple2<String, Integer> person = new Tuple2<>("Fred", 35);

// zero based index!  
String name = person.f0;
Integer age = person.f1;


A POJO (plain old Java object) is any Java class that

  • has an empty default constructor
  • all fields are either
    • public, or
    • have a default getter and setter


public class Person {
    public String name;  
    public Integer age;  
    public Person() {};  
    public Person(String name, Integer age) {  

Person person = new Person("Fred Flintstone", 35);

Scala tuples and case classes

These work just as you’d expect.

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