Flink’s DataStream APIs for Java and Scala will let you stream anything they can serialize. Flink’s own serializer is used for

  • basic types, i.e., String, Long, Integer, Boolean, Array
  • composite types: Tuples, POJOs, and Scala case classes

and Flink falls back to Kryo for other types. It’s also possible to use other serializers with Flink. Avro, in particular, is well supported.



For Java, Flink defines its own Tuple1 thru Tuple25 types.

Tuple2<String, Integer> person = new Tuple2<>("Fred", 35);

// zero based index!  
String name = person.f0;
Integer age = person.f1;


A POJO (plain old Java object) is any Java class that

  • has an empty default constructor
  • all fields are either
    • public, or
    • have a default getter and setter


public class Person {
    public String name;  
    public Integer age;  
    public Person() {};  
    public Person(String name, Integer age) {  

Person person = new Person("Fred Flintstone", 35);

Scala tuples and case classes

These work just as you’d expect.

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